Shoved down our throats

"Shoved down our throats" is a self portrait of the author with an American flag and crucifix in his mouth
“Shoved down our throats” Self-portrait, protest art  | R. Daniel Foster, 2022

Christian nationalism threatens to establish dominion in the United States–over reproductive rights, sexual intimacy, access to birth/health control, and privacy. In fact, over our very bodies.

It promotes a warped equivalence between God and the worship of guns, including the unapologetic unfettered access to them. It erodes the separation between church and state, threatening religious liberty for all.

A privileged and radicalized Christian minority that disdains the “other” increasingly rules the United States, rejecting facts and science—and improbably, the very teachings of its own prophet.

Christian nationalism seeks to replace democracy with authoritarian rule backed by a puritanical agenda.

“Shoved down our throats” is an expression of my alarm, dismay, and anger as our secular nation turns dangerously authoritarian and theocratic.

– R. Daniel Foster

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