Smoke It Up: The Top 5 Reasons To Join A Cigar Club

Have you ever walked into a cigar store and you just can’t choose the perfect brand or type of cigar that is perfect for you? If you have, then you’re surely not the only one frustrated with this kind of experience. To the newbie or the average joe, trying your luck in picking out the best cigar for you is extremely annoying. Nothing wrecks your cigar experience than picking the wrong variety or kind for yourself.

Even if you’re already a cigar expert, choosing a new kind of variety can sometimes be a frustrating experience. New brands and companies making cigars are popping up every day. You’ll have a hard time picking through the many options available. You might even get scammed with dry and stale cigars if you’re not careful and that could cost you money and time.

That’s why getting a monthly cigar club for yourself or for your buddies is the best option these days for anyone. This way, you’ll be able to get the best variety and samples you’ll ever need. If you’re still not convinced, check out these great reasons why you should consider getting yourself into your own monthly cigar club:

It’s Convenient

How many times have you entered a cigar store and be offered cheap and stale kinds of cigars? It’s frustrating trying to comb through the unworthy options that sellers keep pushing for you to buy. These days, even the supposed experts will try to fool you with new kinds and brands that will definitely put a bad taste in your mouth. So going through the cheap brands will give you a headache that you would rather not go through.

With your own monthly cigar club, all you have to do is to pick your package that will set you off for a month. You’ll get the perfect variety of cigars that you can pick through to your heart’s delight. With this, you will not only save yourself money, but you’ll also be saving precious time and effort going through cheap stores. How amazing and convenient is that?

You’ll Have Variety

There are more stores available now that sell cheap cigar brands than you can think of. Going through each one, you’ll definitely see many varieties of many cigars but they will definitely be lower in quality for sure. What this means is, even if you choose newer brands, you won’t get your money’s worth with the choice you made. That can definitely make you lose interest in smoking cigars altogether.

Getting the best type of variety and quality is the first priority of a cigar club. The trusted experts in the field will carefully choose the best variety of cigars you can try for yourself. You will have the pick of the litter each month that they send you your new and fresh batch. With this, you will surely be getting your money’s worth with a fresh batch of the best quality smokes available out there.


Going around trying to find the best cigar shop is frustrating and time-consuming. If you’re not even getting the best quality cigars from the stores you visit, then why even bother going around and choosing. You will just be setting yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak when you choose the wrong ones. For the new blood getting into the great hobby of smoking or collecting cigars, this is a deal breaker.

If you have your own monthly cigar club, all you have to do is subscribe and wait for your fresh batch every single month. Just sit back at home and relax, because your cigar will arrive at your doorstep at the earliest possible time. You won’t have to go around trying to find your best cigar options. You’ll be saving precious time that you can spend on your family and friends.

Gift Giving

Have you ever been in a situation where your best friend or your father in law’ birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give them? Then look no further. If you’re into your own monthly cigar club, you will definitely have many options for a gift to give away. You’ll definitely come out looking more chic and dapper to everyone and anyone.

Best Quality

If you find the best monthly cigar club, you will definitely have your pick of the best variety and type of cigar available in the market. For each month, experts in the field will handpick the best cigar for your enjoyment and pleasure. Each month will feel like a personalized birthday for you with a fresh selection of great quality cigars delivered to you.


You will never go wrong when you choose your very own personalized cigar club. With your choice package, you’ll get the best deal for whichever you choose. Try each one and be transported to a new realm of pleasure and experience.


Image by JESHOOTS On Pexels

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