Social Games: A New Gaming Fad That’s Taking Over in 2020

Things changed in the world of gaming some time ago with the launching of the Facebook platform, when online users realized that gaming is one of the most visited applications on the network.

The reason why this new series of games was so popular was the turn-based model that allowed a seamless integration into the whole Facebook experience. Other similar platforms followed this example, and this new genre of games quickly earned a rather fantastic following.

The number of users grew with each passing day, but what was surprising was the fact that all these online users seemed to be thrilled with playing straightforward games. This casual gaming took the online world by storm, and the concept of social games was born.

What exactly are social games?

By definition: “Social games are a structured activity which has contextual rules through which users can engage with one another. Social games must be multiplayer and have one or more of the following features: turn-based, are based on social platforms for providing users with an identity, and are casual.”

Since social games are the next big thing across many social platforms, it’s also important to mention that these games differ from others:

  • Social games are turn-based – all players take turns in playing with other players.
  • Players are aware of other players and their actions – all players can see other players’ actions, which gives a social context that attracts new players.
  • Casual gaming – social games aren’t for those who are really into gaming but rather for those just looking for some extra fun while checking their favorite social media platforms.
  • Multiplayer – all social games are multiplayer as they include several other players.
  • Social games are based on social platforms – social gaming requires social platforms to function. Players can communicate with each other during their gameplay using all forms of communication that social platforms provide.

Playing bingo online for free is an excellent example of a great social game as it allows you to meet new people, experience different cultures, and have tons of fun.

What are some examples of social games?

Slot machines are perhaps the best example of social games. House of Fun offers the most popular form of entertainment that gathers millions of gambling enthusiasts from all over the world.

These free spins are fun and engaging. You can play them free of charge anytime you want, while the offer of games at your disposal is enormous.

On top of all that, players can collect free bonus spins every three hours or receive the massive eight-day prize. To find out how this HoF bonus collector works, visit their website and play slots for free.

Can you play them for free?

Yes, you can. There are different models of social games:

  • Freemium – this model allows you to get access and play for free, but you can make a real money payment to unlock exclusive, additional features.
  • Free game – get access and play for free. Free social games are trendy, and they are usually followed by advertising around or within the game. This model of social games was developed mainly for social media communities.
  • Paid game – paid games are the same as free games with just one difference – those players who don’t want to see ads within the game can pay to get rid of those ads and get more immersive gaming experiences.
  • Subscription – this is perhaps the most common game payment model. Players can pay a subscription on a monthly or annual basis to get access to the game with all the special features it has to offer.

Traditional games transferring into social games

Traditional games are rapidly shifting towards social games due to the rise of online gaming. Online games are far more technologically advanced, providing a wider range of fun and entertainment than traditional games.

They are also more convenient and readily available all over the world. Of course, players will always stick to the traditional form. The best example is the game of roulette. While online roulette has taken the world of online gambling by storm, casino resorts haven’t seen much decline in the number of visitors since the online gambling era began.

When it comes to online roulette vs. land-based roulette, both games have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to players to decide which one suits their needs the most. To see what these advantages and disadvantages are, go here to read more.


The internet era brought a whole new model of gaming that is just a click away to all users of various social platforms. Even though social and gambling games differ from each other, casino-style games are still a subset of social gaming where people can play casino games free of any charge, for the sheer sake of having fun and meeting other people.

Image: unsplash-logoAfif Kusuma

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