Spice Up Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day with a Custom Oil Painting

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift can be so difficult. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a great, romantic gift for your significant other this V-Day, consider turning your sights towards the bedroom.

Romance Rules on Valentine’s Day

You might think you’re taking the meaning of that, but maybe not. You see, couples spend a lot of their most quality time in the bedroom, whether it’s asleep or engaging in other couples’ activities. That space should be one that you look forward to entering so you can spend quality time together.

When you want a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, where better to look than the room where romance most frequently blooms?

Bedroom Makeover

Sometimes, bedroom décor becomes an afterthought. It’s not a room that guests see frequently, so we sometimes neglect them. They can even become a catch-all for the clutter we don’t want out in the open where everyone will see it. We shove the ‘stuff’ out of sight and out of mind, and while it may make the rest of our home cohesive, it can put a real damper on the feel of the bedroom.

The fact is the way our bedrooms look and feel can change the way that we feel. Our spaces have the potential to make us tense or relax us, to help us feel and express love or to make us feel stress, and the way our rooms look can even be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

It follows that changing our bedrooms can help change our moods. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul (unless you really want to), but changing up the space so that it’s more relaxing and more reflective of the way you want to feel and the way you want your partner to feel is a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Tips from Designers for a More Relaxing Space

  • Keep décor minimal, limited to a few things you really love
  • Choose a calming color scheme
  • There’s no room for clutter in the bedroom
  • Observe the principles of feng shui
  • Decorate for the feelings you want to feel in the bedroom; relaxation, love, and rest

Switch Up the Bedroom and Add a New Portrait!

If you’re planning a little Valentine’s Day bedroom update for your partner, a custom portrait is the perfect finishing touch. A portrait of you and your significant other together, ideally portraying a memorable moment in your relationship, is perfect.

Choose a medium that you think your significant other will love, one that fits well with your bedroom’s décor. While oil paintings are more traditional for portraits, watercolors add a nice, soft touch, and charcoal is a great option for those seeking out a minimal black and white look. A Paint Your Life artist will work with you to develop just the right look, and here you can check out a great bedroom Paint Your Life review.

What This Gift Tells Your Partner

When you turn a photo into a painting that’s to be displayed in your bedroom, it says that you want your partner to remember whatever special moment you’ve decided to portray every day when they get out of bed and every morning.

It is also a means to set your intentions. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that they take real work. You and your partner wake up, see that custom couples’ portrait depicting a happy time in your relationship, and remember your commitment to and adoration for one another. A custom wedding portrait is a great idea!

Is a Custom Painting for the Bedroom the Right Gift for Your Significant Other?

Do you love your significant other? Do you look back fondly on the memories you’ve shared together and hope that they do, as well? Do you have a bedroom? Kidding, kidding! If you answered yes to any of those questions, this might be a gift you should consider this Valentine’s Day.

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