Spontaneous Adventures Done Right

Ready to go out on an adventure? Sometimes a last-minute trip is the best way to add some excitement to your life. To get started, you need to find out how long you have to travel, pick a theme and then go. Follow this guide to your next vacation, be it by land, sea, air or one in your own backyard.

Traveling the Open Road

Road trips have been immortalized in film since the earliest days of cinema. These trips conjure up images of a wild adventure on the open road and have captivated the imagination of travelers around the globe. Fortunately, the easiest spontaneous trip to plan is a road trip. Your first step should be deciding your destination, keeping in mind how much time you have to travel. Once chosen, the fun begins. Look at the route to find out what sights are on your way there. Then, see if there are alternative routes for the way back, to add more exciting stops to your trip. Take the time to plan your perfect adventure and see where the wind will take you.

Sailing the Open Seas

If you are looking for luxury, you have found it on a cruise. A cruise offers the opportunity to create an adventure in a variety of ports around the globe. Whether you want to go hiking in South America, relax on the beaches of the Bahamas, soak up the culture in Europe or explore the cities of Asia, there is a cruise for that. You may think you have to plan your trip months in advance, however, thanks to last minute cruise deals you can go whenever you are ready. The bigger challenge is deciding where to go. Take the time to do your research on where in the world you want to go and be sure to review any visa requirements for your destination. Your toughest choice will be deciding if you are seeking history, culture, the beach or all three at once. These exciting cruises depart for various ports throughout the year, where will you go first?

Soaring Through the Air

Flying is the fastest way to travel. When looking for a bit of spontaneity, booking a last-minute flight deal is a great way to go. Websites like Secret Flying and Skyscanner can help you find deals to various destinations, both domestic and international, quickly and easily. To plan your trip, you need to choose what flights work with your travel schedule. Then before you book your hotel or AirBnB, research what there is to do at your destination. You want to make sure that you are booking your stay nearby to what you want to see and do to avoid losing time with transportation. Additionally, think about how you will spend your evenings. After a long day of touring and going out, you don’t want to spend a lot of time making your way back to your room if you can avoid it.

Relaxing Close to Home

Sometimes if you want to travel last minute, but can’t find the right trip, it is worth investing in a vacation at home. Look into booking a hotel deal to get you out of the house, without going too far away. Once you have found a place to stay, do your research. Utilize sites like Conde Nast Traveler to find locations around your city you may not have known about or made the time to visit. If you are looking for something more out there, look up your city on Atlas Obscura to find a hidden gem in your hometown. Alternatively, book some Groupon experiences or spa visits to make the most of your vacation at home.


As you experience your adventure, you will see many benefits in your life. As you travel, you will be able to clear your mind and see the world from a new perspective. This will improve your mental health and help you return to your regular life with a clearer mind and more motivation to achieve your goals. Traveling will also improve your mood. As you seek high adventure, different experiences or new friendships, you will see your happiness skyrocket and your happiness will last as you reflect on those experiences.

Whether you are traveling the globe or staying at home, take the time to enjoy your vacation. Just because you did not spend weeks planning it, doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing time. Have a great adventure!

Photo: unsplash-logoNils Nedel

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