Spruce Your Hair Back To Life By Overcoming These 7 Common Hair Problems

In all aspects of life, every one of us wants to be the best version of ourselves. From making the most of our workday to looking out for our family, there are just too many things we want to excel at. And along the way, we face roadblocks, hurdles, and bumps that test us. So, if it’s part of your goal to always rock the best version of your hair, I have compiled the 5 common hair problems to solve. I will also show you how to solve these problems. Get the full scoop below.

1. Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by aging, the scalp’s reaction to hormonal changes, medical conditions, or heredity. However, habits such as smoking, overworking, poor dieting, and poor hair treatment can also make you shed hair. Often, people with excessively long hair that’s shedding are advised to cut their hair short. If you are in this category as a man, here are some short haircuts for men. Other hair loss solutions are the adoption of a protein-fatty-acid-rich diet, putting an end to hair loss-causing habits, exercising regularly, and getting scalp massages often.

2. Hair Color Damage

One of the side effects of permanently dying or tinting your hair is hair color damage. It could be mild. It could be really awful so much that reviving your true hair color becomes impossible. But if you’ve already winded up with this problem, there’s hope. The first thing is you must stop dying your hair to give it the chance to regain its lost color. With that established, switch from chemically-strong hair products to organic ones. Also, quit applying heat to your hair, allow it to air-dry after every time you have a bath, and be committed to using a hair mask.

3. Frizz And Flyaways

Frizz is one of the many ways your hair uses to tell you it is damaged or about to get so. Sneaky stuff, uh? It’s just like a toddler crying for food, when your hair becomes frizzy and ugly, you have no choice but to tend to it. So, what do you do with unmanageable frizzy hair? You lubricate it, regularly. Yes, that’s how you end the cycle of dry hair – frizzy hair – damaged hair. Also, you should stop exposing your hair to UV, styling irons, and chemicals that cause dryness.

4. Tangled And Split Ends

Professional stylists and barbers have now concluded that people who brush their hair with plastic tight-tooth combs often end up tangling the ends of their hair. Especially if you have kinky hair, this category of combs will leave knots to the end of your hair and cause split ends over time. But the solution is pretty simple. Swap those combs for wooden wide-tooth combs and use a detangler spray to free tangles. Finally, split ends should be neatly trimmed either with a pair of scissors or clippers.

5. Dandruff

White flaky things dropping out of your hair…eew! But guess what, those are that’s the dead skin of your scalp peeling off. The 5 major things that cause dandruff are dryness, allergy, fungus, dermatitis, and scalp irritation. To achieve dandruff-free hair, shampoo-wash the hair frequently to eliminate dandruff and apply tea tree oil for protection.

In Conclusion

Perfection is an illusion but originality is real. Your hair is originally healthy and unique with its own beauty until circumstances threaten it. But with the tips shared so far, you can spot hair problems when they rear their heads and solve them easily. Also, if you recall, cigarette abuse is one of the causes of hair loss. To that end, I recommend that you read this post to discover how to stop cigarette addiction.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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