Stephanie Kaylor: “seller:sold”


“Such an image is the prostitute—seller and sold in one”
—Walter Benjamin


sell, (v.): old english sellan“to give, furnish, lend; surrender, give up, deliver to; promise”

to lend a hand and deny that to which it
is attached


to release the shutter
             to remain                     out of

             the goal is to deliver just enough light to the camera’s image sensor to get the optimum exposure—

record the original scene
             lovers names given up to concrete

             etchings          not utility

but eternity

             becomes not a promise but memory
                          becomes not maternity but penalty

the materiality of a wish
             the primal operetta
                          of surrender

composer:composed              to be abundance

dwelling in abundance
             dwelling in the promise

man’s banality will not fester
             will break it open just to see
                          increased turnover / furnishing desire

to manifest, oh,

oh, commodify me into

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