Storyboard P Dances to the Dawn

I love seeing dance when it busts out of theater walls and impedes itself on the everyday, creating magic within the mundane. The whole genre of street dance defies categorization often necessary for theatrical promotion, especially as compared to more traditional forms. At the end of the day, great dance from flex to jookin’, breaking to krumping, classical to Gaga, is just great dance and hopefully an honest, urgent, deeply felt, form of human expression and communication.

Storyboard P dances to dawn on the Brooklyn Bridge
Storyboard P dances to dawn on the Brooklyn Bridge

That leads me once again to this week’s screen dance pick. I tried not featuring Storyboard P again so soon, but I found this clip of him dancing at dawn on the Brooklyn Bridge — with voice over of what he tries to express in his art — too timely and too hard to resist. Dressed in an orange hoodie, the blackness of Soryboard’s skin against the deep blue of sunrise, the absolutely spontaneous quality of his movement as early morning joggers pass him without a second thought all captured in this little short, was just too compelling and beautiful not to share. Further evidence that he’s busting out into the mainstream, the short came to my attention today as recommended by Kickstarter, the link to it accompanying a story in the New Yorker by Jonah Weiner called “The Impossible Body: Storyboard P, the Basquiat of street dancing”. Enjoy!

[embedvideo id=”Wj1Gh5Z95eU” website=”youtube”]


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