Stuck on Netflix? 5 Alternative At-Home Entertainment Ideas

While the phrase ‘Netflix and chill,’ has taken on a life in popular culture, it has also become more than a bit cliched. Simply put, watching Netflix gets boring after a while. Even if you have a plethora of television shows and movies at your fingertips, there comes a time when you just want to do something different. When you’re stuck on Netflix, remember these five alternative at-home entertainment suggestions to stave off boredom.

1. Videogaming with a Friend

In situations when you are feeling isolated, there’s nothing like the comfort of a familiar face and voice. With videogaming, you have the chance to play with an old familiar friend as well as the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Various platforms allow players to put on their headsets and get into their favorite games while enjoying features such as voice chat. With some online video games, you can physically see and interact with friends. Any of these options are a welcome alternative to watching television.

2. Consider Crosswords and Jigsaw Puzzles

Some people find them tedious, and other people enjoy them because it feels like an accomplishment to complete them. Crossword puzzles come in the Sunday paper, and you can also buy them by the book. Jigsaw puzzles can come in as many at 1,000 pieces or more, and they generally take a lot of time and patience to put every piece in place. You can frame and mount a complete jigsaw puzzle, creating a wonderful work of art that also displays your mental skills. Consider this pastime if you are looking for a mental challenge as well as an escape from Netflix.

3. Get Involved with Tabletop Games

Whether you’ve already got a foosball table in the basement or have always a pool table, when you are going to be home for a while, you should look into various tabletop games. A lot of these types of games can actually be played and enjoyed alone. Alternatively, competitive games like ping pong are always better with a friend. Learn how to play a new tabletop game or simply purchase one that you know will be a hit with your friends and family.

4. Arts and Crafts

The really fun part about arts and crafts is that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy these types of activities. Just about anything you can dream up can be art. Take apart an old sweater, and use the yarn to create a new scarf. Use some old beads, string them together, and make a beautiful necklace that you can give to a friend. Even ordinary items like foil, cardboard, and empty jars can be recreated into amazing works of art. Find inspiration all around your home for a great alternative to watching hours of Netflix.

5. Create a Master Playlist

Music can change your mood and shape your mind. Listening to your favorite radio station can also keep you entertained, but commercials can be a distraction. When you take all the songs you love and put them in one place for easy listening, it is guaranteed that you will have hours of entertainment. Put them on a CD and pop it in the home stereo so that your chores get done in record time. If you prefer to listen to music on your smart phone or handheld device, then there are even apps that make uninterrupted listening a snap. Whatever you do, make a master list of music to stay entertained.

Netflix is a great form of entertainment, but it can be more fun when you have alternatives. Take the time to get up, stretch your legs, and do something different from time to time. Whether you jam out to music, get involved with arts and crafts, or play a game with a friend, remember that there is always something different and fun to choose from.


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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