Support #90X90LA This Summer

Through the efforts and ideas and collaborative spirit of everyone involved, #90X90LA is here!

Well…almost. We still have a few days to go before our opening event on 7/5.


First things first: These 90 free to the public events are happening. No turning back. Just as we always have, we will make it happen with whatever resources we have.

This fundraiser is to make sure that we can make it as easy as possible for us (the organizers), the venues, the presenters and the audience.

Second thing: This Patreon campaign is specifically to support #90X90LA, and therefore will end when the festival ends. This is not a perpetual fundraising for Writ Large Press or any other project.

The initial monthly goal is $5000/month. This money will go into various aspects of producing an event each day for 90 consecutive days, all free to the public:

  • Organizers: A couple of hundred dollars a week for each organizer will help cover daily transportation, emergency meals, babysitters, and a bit for the sheer effort and time each person will be dedicating to 90X90LA daily.
  • Venues: Our homebase is CIELO galleries and we want to make sure we can at least help cover utility costs. There are also other venues that we will be using that sometimes requires rental fee.
  • Hospitality: To provide snacks and beverages during the events for both presenters and audience.
  • Presenters: Although most, if not all, presenters are generously donating their talent and time, our hope is to be able to provide something to them, even if it’s just enough to cover transportation.
  • Equipment: For rental of equipment such as PA systems or cameras that we cannot procure on our own.

Thank you for any and all support. Even though everyone of the #90X90LA team is really stretching ourselves to bring the festival to life, none of it would happen without your enthusiasm, your participation, and your generosity.

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(If a monthly commitment is not for you or you just want to contribute one sum, please visit our Support page where you will see other methods in which you can give!)

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