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Dear Friends of Cultural Weekly,

To say it’s been a difficult year would obviously be an understatement. It’s been a time that has forced all of us to live differently, whether it’s schooling or the simple act of shopping for groceries.

It’s also been a time of necessary change for so many of us. It’s no different for Cultural Weekly.

But this change is something all of us here at CW are incredibly excited about.

Cultural Weekly began many (many!) years ago as a simple blog on things that we enjoyed: poetry, art, music. Creativity. Culture. Community.

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Then, with your loyal readership and generous donations, we became what we are today, an online journal that is read around the world by people of all ages. We have used this privilege to nurture new and marginalized voices, to confront systems of oppression, and to fill the lives of all our friends with great creative works. We have even inspired a group of young poets in Lagos, Nigeria, poets we have published in Cultural Weekly, to open a lending library.

And in so many ways, we feel we are just getting started.

We have been busy working on a new top secret project:

Cultural Weekly is becoming Cultural DAILY.

The culture journal you have learned to love and call your own is going daily.


Well, if we’ve learned anything from the past 12 months of being isolated from the outside world and, more importantly, from people, is that all of us can use a jolt of beauty each and every day.

The work of rebuilding our website, changing our name, and finding new and exciting writers is almost done.

And this is now where we need your help and generosity again.

To help us reach the finish line of this transformation and to continue to do the good work that you’ve trusted us to do, we ask again for your financial support.


We know things have been challenging for all of us, but we believe the light is just around the bend. In the meantime and beyond, Cultural Weekly, soon to be Cultural Daily, commits to doing our part to make all of our lives just a bit better each day.

Our goal: $2500 by May 1, 2021.

We know that with your continued support, this is within our reach. We ask that you join us once again as we continue to share the stories of the experienced, highlight the creativity of the now, and nurture the essential voices of the future.


(Featured image by Flickr user Trey Radcliff)

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