Support the Civil Rights Veterans Relief Fund

Battles are always fought by the few who are called to give so much for the freedoms of everyone. Our veterans of the Civil Rights Movement left school, quit their jobs and made a sacrifice for civil rights. They faced the fire hoses and attack-dogs. They were shot at. Their houses were bombed. They were jailed and faced innumerable indignities. Some of the veterans are legendary names we’ve all become familiar with over the years but there are thousands of others that history has forgotten… but we haven’t.

Today, many of these veterans of the Movement have been impacted by Covid and the economy and they need our help. The Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation has set up the Civil Rights Veterans Relief Fund to help with food, medical, housing and utility bills. They need your help.

We at Cultural Weekly urge you to consider a generous donation to help give back to those who stood up and changed the world. Together we can show our veterans of the Civil Rights Movement how much we are indebted to them for the selfless example and sacrifice that we all benefit from today. Donate here:

This project is supported by the NAACP, National Urban League, and many others.

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