The Surreal Rise of LGBTQ Community in Different Professions

When it comes to expressing oneself, there are hundreds of different ways to do so. Many people take writing as a means to express themselves better, while others prefer to utilize color to express the state of their minds, and millions turn to music for the same purpose. You may have heard the phrase ‘art is the language of the soul’ before but the intensity of truth in that statement remains firm.

For decades, every gender has faced oppression in some form of the other, and in several countries, minorities are still suffering and still oppressed. As important as it is to celebrate the contribution that so many individuals have made to the several different communities, it is also vital to celebrate the contribution that the LGBTQ community has offered all year-round.

It goes without saying that the LGBTQ community is one that has been oppressed for several years with many members of the community facing extreme clinical depression, among other mind-altering diseases. When it comes to art, the LGBTQ community has some very talented gems that have created gorgeous art over the years. Here are some astoundingly talented members of the LGBTQ community:

Dizzy Fae

This R&B/Soul singer gives her listeners a lot more than just another track for them to skip over on their way to work or school. Dizzy Fae has the voice of an angel and by presenting her album as a mixtape she also managed to create music that could flow all ways without sounding corny or like it was too much. Today, Dizzy Fae is one of the most streamed LGBTQ artists. The artist is one of the most talented in LGBTQ community, granted that her voice is often compared to a mix of Lily Allen and Frank Ocean.


As common as passing derogatory comments to the LGBTQ community was in the past, it was even more common to put their perception of self-down by making them believe they weren’t going to ever be successful, especially in the music industry. Zolita is one of the many, many LGBTQ artists who made sure that they put their haters back in line. Boasting over 2 million followers, Zolita’s music not only touches the hearts of members of her own community but also empowers anyone who has ever felt like the underdog at any point in their life.

Edmundo Mundo Meza

The late Edmundo Mundo Meza is not only an inspiration to the LGBTQ community but the sacrifices that were made on his part are truly heart-achingly beautiful. As in the case of many other LGBTQ artists, Mundo Meza did not have it easy from day one. Prior to rising to fame as an artist with a voice of gold, Mundo worked as a window dresser for Fred Slatten. He also decorated imagery on platform shoes. The artist was known for his amazing sense of design before he passed away in 1985.


Sensational musician Halsey is one of the many queer musicians that has a voice is unlike any other. Not only does the talented artist have a wide range of her own music, but she has also taken to making music with other, more popular artists. She has a wide array of hit singles that are extremely catchy and has also had the pleasure of entire nation singing her praises. Halsey is one of the most sought-after musicians today and has a large number of followers that love her and appreciate her music truly.

David Hockney

This renowned artist was openly gay and was anything but afraid to show immense support of his community through his artwork. The highly praised David Hockney ensured that anyone who had ever experienced the oppression of any degree at all was able to understand that neither were they alone nor were they expected to go through their entire life hiding away from everyone around them in fear of judgment by their own loved ones.

Tammy Baldwin

It’s one thing for members of the LGBTQ community to gain recognition or even approval in society, and it’s another thing for LGBTQ members to get a position of authority. Tammy Baldwin is the first person belonging to the LGBTQ community to be elected to the U.S Senate. Baldwin has utilized her platform to speak out against gun culture and how much harm it causes to the society as a whole. Baldwin also plans to introduce a national LGBTQ Equality Day.

Moreover, when it comes to contributors to the growth and strength of the LGBTQ community, the list is endless and includes several celebrities that have used their platforms for the purpose successfully. The LGBTQ community today is one that is strong and is able to find jobs and a vast range of opportunities in all fields present in the world today.

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