Sydney Sonnier: “Fiction Stories”

Children with visions
become a fiction
We barely hear about a kid
who has a dream
A dream so strong that’ll become
a reality
A reality that becomes
one’s muse
A muse that becomes
someone’s fiction story 

Today’s reality upholds
many hopes and desires
Many people who would bring
one’s ambition down
Just so their optimism
would be so significantly distinguished
No one really wants another to
Succeed because they know their dreams
are a flunk
So they sit back and loathe
one’s dream
As theirs vanishes 

Fiction stories are created like this
Because one couldn’t fulfill
their once upon a dream
So they write about it 
Trying to live through their characters
In hopes that could attain their void 

A void that was once created
in their dreams
Because children with visions
become fiction stories 

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