Sydney Sonnier: “Unfair Deaths”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)

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The beauty of death has me so mesmerized

And those cautions tales to always do right

Do this, don’t do that, society has us hypnotized

It’s like we are already justified


Since birth, we were told to follow of parents footsteps

Their language, their food, & their uncomplicated ways

It’s like our path was already step up before we could even say ‘gay’


Growing up didn’t make this life easier

Under the influence of common core standard

And our uprising has always been slandered

As if my life looked at me as a bystander


As we grow older our thoughts begin to unfold

We start to see the truth that was continually untold

So we start to revolt, as they still kept us blindfold

Because knowing the truth is very uncontrolled


The government seemingly has us under their finger-tips

Controlling us with oblivion

As if we were robots with no opinion

Yet, I’m not a docile to these submissions

So you’ll have to see me with this vision

And breaking the tradition

Because I am worth of million

Since I am a girl with her own decision

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