Sylvie Drake On Queen Hatshepsut

The incredibly articulate Sylvie Drake (a frequent contributor to Cultural Weekly) tells us about “the first great woman in history of whom we are informed.” I have no doubt you have never heard of her, and no doubt you will be delighted to know of this woman who was called “Her Majesty, the King” because there was no word for Queen yet! A most modern woman… in 1500 B.C. No kidding, watch this one. It’s a kick and will make you smarter!

Sylvie Drake On Queen Hatshepsut

Click on this image to learn more about the first female Pharaoh!
Click on this image to learn more about the 1st female pharaoh!

As a young girl growing up in Egypt Sylvie Drake learned of Queen Hatshepsut, the first great woman of history, a monarch who lived over a thousand years before Cleopatra. Her reign has all the markings of greatness including winning battles to establish power, presiding over a long era of peace and prosperity, opening trade routes, visionary architecture, a recorded legacy and… get this… this is the woman who invented eyeliner! You need to know about Queen Hatshepsut.

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