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  • Carolina Rivera Escamilla — educator, writer, theater actor, and documentarian — lives in Los Angeles, California. Born in El Salvador, she went into exile in Canada in the mid 1980s. She actively organizes events as a cultural promoter in Los Angeles since the 1990s. She is regularly published in anthologies, online-lit magazines, literary magazines, and in newspapers in both Spanish and English. Her book of short stories, entitled …after… was published in 2015. She is currently finishing translation of …after… into Spanish. In March 2015, she was invited to speak as a writer, cultural leader and artist to the European Parliament at the International Women’s Conference: Women for Change, Change for Women in Brussels, Belgium. Since publication, …after… is utilized as part of reading curriculum in several colleges and universities. Rivera Escamilla is the director, writer and producer of the documentary “Manlio Argueta, Poets and Volcanoes,” and a Fellow of the Pen Center USA Rosenthal Foundation Emerging Voices Program. Carolina Rivera Escamilla earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, University of California, Los Angeles, with an emphasis in creative writing and Spanish Literature.

Carolina Rivera Escamilla: "Children"
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