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  • Longtime WGA member, former Board of Directors member and seasoned TV veteran, Catherine's produced writing credits include: HUNTER, JAKE & THE FATMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, LOVE BOAT, HART TO HART, FOUL PLAY, TRUE CONFESSIONS and, most recently, RESCUE BOTS. She has served for nearly two decades as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching advanced video production, screenwriting, media and communication theory at California State University Dominguez Hills. She was Associate Publisher of Creative Screenwriting Magazine and was a key organizer of the first five years of Screenwriting Expo. She currently writes for Cultural Weekly and Studio System News, exploring media and technology - from mobile and apps to games, second screen and online digital - and blogs for The Huffington Post. Catherine serves as a media strategy and content advisor for companies through her consultancy Media Grazing. In the past two years, she has participated in nine Hackathons and won prizes for her app inventions at four of them. Catherine has also been awarded two US Patents for inventing a new form of mobile entertainment. Catherine believes than anyone who wants to build and sustain a career as a content creator needs to understand all forms of convergence media.

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