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  • Aadhya believes that Design is at the core of everything mankind has created to extend reach and meet human needs, hence she builds strong insights at the intersection of user needs, all level of technology and business to create highly effective and innovative products and solutions on the foundation of Design. Her strengths lies in creating an ecosystem vision and experiences around every user’s needs, with the design of every solution she creates. As a design professional she enjoys crafting compelling stories and developing a product or solution’s design environment across multiple systems and devices for a connected, seamless end-user experience. She is a dynamic member and contributes to team success by effectively collaborating with diverse teams, studios, stakeholders and partners. She is a voracious reader and deep thinker and her deep understanding is shown in everything she does. She has a high level of mastery and precision in using digital and analogue design tools and methods as relevant to projects. She will add tremendous value to a design team with her skills while being quick to align and work at all levels of team dynamics.

A commercial marketplace in Bangalore made with blue ballpoint pen
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