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  • Eileen “Mish” Murphy lives near Tampa with her Chi-Spaniel Cookie. She teaches English and literature at Polk State College. Her poems have been published in numerous journals, including Tinderbox Journal, Rogue Agent, and Thirteen Myna Birds. She is Associate Poetry Editor for Cultural Weekly. A prolific book reviewer and visual artist, she has also done the illustrations for the highly acclaimed children’s book Phoebe and Ito are dogs written by John Yamrus. Fortune Written on Wet Grass is her first full length collection; her chapbook "Evil Me" was published in 2020.

Poet Mish Murphy, an o lder woman with blond hair, earrings, red lipstick, small smile
John Yamrus Reviews Evil Me by Mish (Eileen Murphy)
Book Review: Unleaving by Melissa Ostrom
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