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  • Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto is a physician with a passion for photography. As a former Director of Medical Student Education and “Humanism in Medicine” award recipient at Harvard Medical School, Valerie was also a photojournalist documenting the clinical journey of her Harvard and MIT students in becoming competent and compassionate doctors. As a member of the Board of Governor’s of the Massachusetts American College of Physicians, Valerie has been lauded for her photo contributions. Valerie has a mutual love for the dedication of these extraordinary cowboys and cowgirls and is honored to have this opportunity to capture their passionate spirit on the road with photographer Jim Storm.

Saddle bronch rider; rodeo cowboy
NoHo Residents with Photographer Jim Storm_Photo by Dr. Valerie Pronio Stelluto_culturalweekly.com
Alexis DeLaRosa. Photography by Jim Storm
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