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  • Christopher Siders is an award winning journalist, poet, spoken word instructor, music producer, audio engineer, and radio host from Los Angeles, California. Siders dedicated his life to music and poetry in hopes to make a connection to his audience, giving the youth something to relate to. He performed with the likes of Mike The Poet, Shihan The Poet, Joe Hernandez-Kolski, Rudy Francisco, Michael Reyes and many more. He's also heavily involved in feminism and gender equality, hoping to spark conversations regarding patriarchy and male privilege through his column entitled "Memoirs Of A Male Feminist" in California State University, Monterey Bay's Otter Realm newspaper. His activism ventures lead him to become part of the MENding Monologues production for the past five years in different positions as a Director, Writing Workshop Consultant, and a cast member since 2011. Recently, Siders graduated California State University Monterey Bay with a B.A. in Human Communications and concentration on Social Action and Creative Writing. Purchase his first book, "Born In The World Of" on Amazon! 45 percent of the proceeds are going to Youth N.O.W in Wastsonville!

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