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  • Jesús Salvador Treviño is writer/director whose television directing credits include LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT, PRISON BREAK, ER, BONES, CROSSING JORDAN, THIRD WATCH, NYPD BLUE,THE O.C.,DAWSON’S CREEK, NASH BRIDGES, STAR TREK VOYAGER, BABYLON FIVE and many others. His national PBS documentaries about Latinos include YO SOY CHICANO, AMÉRICA TROPICAL, LA RAZA UNIDA, CHICANO MORATORIUM and THE SALAZAR INQUEST. He was Co-Executive Producer of the PBS documentary series, CHICANO! HISTORY OF THE MEXICAN AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT and Co-Executive Producer of the RESURRECION BLVD. drama series on SHOWTIME. Mr. Treviño’s collection of short stories, THE FABULOUS SINKHOLE AND OTHER STORIES was published in 1995. A memoir of his experiences as an activist filmmaker during the turbulent 1960s, EYEWITNESS: A FILMMAKER’S MEMOIR OF THE CHICANO MOVEMENT was published in 2001. A second collection of short stories, THE SKYSCRAPER THAT FLEW, was published in 2005. His latest collection of short stories RETURN TO ARROY GRANDE was published in 2015. Mr. Treviño’s latest venture is www.Latinopia.com, a video-driven website on Latino history, art, music, theater, literature, cinema and food.

Arroyo Grande
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