TCL reveals prices and specs for its 10-Series smartphones

Technology is improving day by day. You can see the evolution of technology all around you whenever you take a look at the latest models of any gadget or device. Every company is striding ahead for a better model. As the demand for smartphones has peaked over the past few years, smartphone manufacturers are putting in the maximum effort to come up with even better models. You can feel the difference and perceive the improvement a lot when you check out the specifications of the latest 10-series collection of TCL smartphones.

Focus on visual

With the popularity of smartphones, the online gaming world has also been spreading its web fast. Kids, teenagers, and adults, you will seldom come across any of them carrying the Androids, but not playing games. The game developers are also having a great time improving the visual technology of the games to provide the players with a more realistic feel. So every smartphone company is trying to provide its customers with an unparalleled visual experience.

Fascinating display

The TCL 10L series has become the latest sensation in the world of technology. The company has successfully incorporated the most potent NXTVISION technology for the enhancement of the visual. Many customers often complain that the screen on the smartphone is not big enough to have a satisfactory experience while playing a game or taking a picture. The 10 series models have permanently bidden farewell to the problem with its AMOLED display. You will be fascinated to see the resolution of the display.

  • A 6.47 inches display is more than enough to watch your favourite online series or play the games with the unparalleled visuals.
  • The screen resolution is 1080*2340 pixels that have enhanced the quality of the display.
  • Presence of AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The colour vibrance that you are enjoying is due to the imbibition of 16M colours.
  • If the screen-to-body ratio is high, then you will have a better experience in visualizing anything on the particular screen. With a whopping 89.5% screen-to-body ratio, this phone is going to you a visual treat once you start using the masterpiece.

The best camera on your phone

As you will notice, people are now more interested in capturing the moments through the lens of the smartphone in the pocket instead of carrying a separate camera for the purpose. Of course, the habit applies to those who are not professional or passionate photographers.

  • The 64 MP Quad Camera on the rear side makes it possible to click some of the finest photos with the help of your smartphone. The 26mm wide shutter helps in capturing a wider angle of what you are seeing.
  • If you are fond of clicking the selfies, then you have got the 24 MP front camera. The picture clarity is too good, which allows you to crop and edit these pictures. As the resolution of even the selfies is high, there will hardly be any distortion while cropping.
  • And how can you forget the Dual-LED flash that will enable you to click the picture even in a dark space? And the photo will seem as if you have clicked it under proper lighting.
  • HDR quality of the picture, which is although not new anymore with most of the smartphones providing the high-definition picture and camera quality.
  • Forget those days when you could take a picture of a mountain range using the panorama mode of your DSLR. Here comes the TCL 10 Pro where panorama mode is as secure as that of a digital camera.

Pocket pinch

If you are worried about the price of the phone, then let’s assure you that you will get this piece of wonder at an unbelievably low price. The average price remains close to $382, depending on the market condition. It is hard to believe that a customer can enjoy such quality of smartphone at such a price. Now that financing options are available, you can purchase the model without burdening your financial condition.

Enjoy watching videos

With online platforms streaming the blockbuster movies and the popular series, your smartphone is the gateway to the world of entertainment. Experience a picture quality that will beat any device in picture clarity, colour, and contrast. So it’s time to buy your TCL 10 series to experience the surreal visual quality.

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