Tear Down This Wall!

Kai Wiedenhöfer is a Berlin-based photographer who has a dream of knocking down the metaphorical and literal walls that separate all of us as a global community. Over the past seven years he has photographed eight border and separation walls around the globe and he hopes to use them in a public exhibition he calls WALLONWALL.
His plan is to produce gigantic prints of 36 photographs that will measure 29 ft wide x 10 ft high, with each being placed side-by-side along a section of the Berlin Wall. The exhibition of images showing the walls that separate against the canvas of the most famous fallen wall is a very powerful concept and one that we hope you will support. As Kai says on his Kickstarter page, peace begins where walls fall, not where they are erected.

Kai needs to rise £13,000 by July 2, 2013 to tear down this wall, and we love his vision.

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