Tehrangeles: LA Food Bowl Walking Tour of Persian Food in Westwood

I had the immense pleasure of experiencing the inaugural walking tour of Six Taste (LA Food Bowl) of Tehrangeles this past weekend. Sally Tiongco, founder of Six Taste and our guide for the day, did a superb job of explaining the history of the spots/restaurants we visited and detailing the exquisite foods we sampled.

Our first stop on the tour was Attari, a small cafe in Westwood that was featured in Jonathan Gold’s film, City of Gold. We were served Attari’s signature Ashe (soup) and a delicious eggplant appetizer (kashkeh bademjan). We were then brought tongue sandwiches. Sally had made special accommodations for the vegetarians in our group.

Persian square2
The Persian Square plaque outside of Attari
Sholeh zard (saffron bread pudding at Attari)

The group, which consisted of 17 people, then walked across the street to Café Glacé, where we tried their famous and copyrighted “Persian Pizza”—a mix of peppers, tomatoes and hot dogs. We were also served a decadent and cheesy appetizer made with potato chips and cheese.

cafe glace
Café Glacé in Westwood
Persian Pizza

We then walked down Westwood Boulevard to Taste of Tehran, which is owned by Chef Saghar, a former contestant on TV’s Top Chef. Chef Saghar graciously welcomed us to her small, but friendly restaurant. We were served spectacular food which included a trio of appetizers (Shirazi salad, yogurt with shallots, and an eggplant dip), Ashe Reshteh (Persian herbed noodle soup), and a generous plate of beef and chicken kabobs and zereshk polo (rice with barberries).

Sally and Saghar
Sally Tiongco and Chef Saghar
Trio of appetizers at Taste of Tehran
Ashe Reshteh
Ashe Reshteh (Persian noodle soup)
Beef and chicken kabobs with zereshk polo

Chef Saghar escorted us next door to Pink Orchid Bakery, where we had the floral and fragrant Persian hot tea and sampled custard pirashkis (Persian donuts), assorted baklava and cookies. Some members of the group also tried the Turkish coffee with their desserts.

Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid Bakery
Custard pirashki and alligator cookies
Assorted baklava at Pink Orchid

After dessert we walked across the street to Super Sun Market, a Persian market on south Westwood Boulevard, where we were free to walk around and shop for Persian delicacies.

SuperSun market
Super Sun Market
nuts and seeds
Nuts and Seeds at Super Sun Market

Following the visit to Super Sun Market we walked up the street to Saffron & Rose. Freddy, the grandson of the original owner of this famous ice cream shop, gave us ice cream samples (their most popular flavors—saffron, rose, cucumber and chocolate). We also had a chance to order one scoop of our favorite ice cream flavor.

Freddy of Saffron & Rose

Last stop on the tour was where we began—Attari cafe—where we were gifted a generous portion of sholeh zard (saffron rice pudding).

I highly recommend taking a walking food tour with Six Taste. You’ll love it. You’ll sample delicious food, walk and meet new people.

For more information about upcoming walking food tours contact Sally Tiongco at sally@sixtaste.com.


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