Terry Robinson: “Love Masters All of Running Time”

Love Masters all of Running Time

Love masters all of running
Related slats of a bench to
the color of
reflected metallic
When brick laid
patterns are Tupperware
containers in
the Akashic records
Pink across the shrub line
Bending winded trees
across time
in proportion to the wind
on my left shoulder
changing direction
the beach
is the ultimate role model
to the oscillating fan
But one carved out section of
absolute scorch
The other chilled in
as this becomes
the atmosphere free surface
of the moon
You know, summertime.
Mike’s green tennis
absolutely does not care
about him
the way it sticks out
into the street
egging its brother to
come along
on the family vacation
Holding hands
traveling sound run
the history of locomotion
From rail cart
to sky traffic
As the future is
by the stringy rhythm
of the pulsing yellow
ribbon of cord
That two way sign
that points left
to the past
and right
says forever
and with your friend
you consider where to go

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