The 7 Fingers at The Broad Stage & Other LA Dance Happenings

These days, there is so much good dance (and much more… e.g. The Frieze Art Fair!) happening on a weekly basis in Los Angeles that one literally has to select from amongst the offerings and inevitably miss something else. Those of you who read my column know that while I myself regularly engage in making live (as well as filmed) dance, I rarely write about it, leaving that mostly to my esteemed colleague Ann Haskins. But occasionally these two worlds collide in a teaser video that makes for a perfect storm.

I first saw The 7 Fingers (Les 7 Doigts) a couple of years ago when they came to LA with “Cuisine and Confessions”, a raucous and artfully choreographed blend of circus, dance, music and acrobatics, with everything from on-stage cooking lessons to flying food (and people). It was truly amazing, at once a visual and sensorial feast and physical feat of no small means.

7 fingers_broad_3 (1280x853)

This week The 7 Fingers returns to The Broad Stage with RÉVERSIBLE (Feb 15-17). RÉVERSIBLE is “dedicated to a generation who forged the world we live in today and whose stories might hold the key to a better tomorrow.” The work investigates questions of time, how the past guides our future, and what stories are written into our DNA, taking audiences on a theatrical journey in which everyday life is turned upside down to reveal a universe filled with beauty, emotion and hope. The 7 Fingers creates beautiful, intelligent and compelling work. I strongly recommend it. Check out the teaser below! For tickets and info go to:

Other compelling & strongly recommended dance offerings to see this weekend include: Ate9 at The Wallis, Donna Sternberg’s Awe and Wonder at The Odyssey Theater (also featuring guest scientists &  choreographers):, and my amazing friend Oguri’s Façade of Time, a FREE, site-specific community dance project with 60 performers happening around numerous locations in Venice.  For more information on this go to: Façade of Timeor (DON’T MISS IT!)


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