The Art of Logo Design: Strategies and Inspiration

A logo is an important component in branding. A good logo communicates the brand’s message simply and uniquely. It should be relevant and practical, and its graphics should be attractive. The design of a logo matters if an entrepreneur wants to win the trust of the customers. It explains to your potential customers about your brand and its work.

Before designing a logo, understand the important things that define your brand. Know the value that your company holds and come up with design ideas that resonate. You can get inspiration from your competitors or social media. Sit with your team in a brainstorming session and create an attractive design.

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How to design a logo that resonates with your brand

After gathering ideas from multiple places, brainstorm and decide how you will create a resonating design for your brand. There are several steps that you need to follow;

Use the best design tools and a powerful computer

From highly popular ones like Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Canva to other good tools like Sketch, Inkscape, and Affinity Designer, choose the best tool that suits your requirements. Besides, also use a computer that does not set you back on your goals with its slow speed or frequent technical issues. Knowing simple things that include how to connect monitor to MacBook, install and uninstall software, battery charging issues, update design apps, etc., helps you a lot. It saves time and makes you more productive.

Define the vision and attributes of your brand

Your company vision tells people your investment goals. It reminds them why the company was started and its future. The design you choose should communicate the vision most simply. By just looking at the logo, your potential customers should immediately know the work of the company. They should not struggle to know whether it is fashion, tours, logistics companies, and so on.

Determine the text and symbols to use

Texts and symbols are the components that make a resonating logo. The wording must be done carefully and selectively. The text choice should not be complicated. It must not be wordy to avoid confusing your audience. It is crucial to choose the fewest words possible. Your choice of symbols should be done with care too.

Decide on the colors

Your choice of colors should be specific. There are hundreds of colors you can use. Let the mission and vision statement of the organization guide you. Use matching or contrasting colors. The shape of a logo matters but its colors play a significant role.

Know your audiences

The logo design you choose should help market your brand. However, it should consider your audience too. Research to know what your audience loves most. Their likes should be in terms of colors and perception. If they perceive the design as luxurious, they will have a higher value for the company.

Design and publish

After establishing all the important issues, consult with a designer. Instruct them about the type of logo you need. Once the design is complete, publish it and begin to use it for marketing needs.

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Getting inspired

Designing a brand logo might seem complicated and almost impossible. The process is simple if you have the ideas. You might have seen the wonderful designs done by other companies or freelancers. These are some of the sources that should inspire you. Inspiration ensures you get the right logo for your organization.

When you get it right, your logo design will help your company meet its goals. Inspiration is useful because it stirs creativity. People become more creative and innovative due to inspiration. Inspiration can come from many places but the most important thing is to be willing to do your best.

  • Established organizations. You can learn from companies that started some years ago. Check their color choices and fonts. Focus on the symbols they have used and the logo design art they have adopted. Compare the design with that of their competitors.
  • Get ideas from design templates. Search online for a variety of free or paid logo makers. They are great for offering you ideas of the types of designs that will work for your brand.
  • Check your competitors. Your competitors might be offering similar products or services. It is important to know the designs of their logos. Be keen to know their colors, shapes, and slogans.
  • Brainstorm with your team. Get ideas from your team and agree on the attributes that your logo should contain. If you are yet to start, your team could be your friends or family members.
  • Get inspired by social media. There is a lot of inspiration that you can get on social media. Search for examples and determine the type of ideas you can borrow from them.


Many new entrepreneurs worry about how can make a logo for their enterprise. The process starts with getting inspiration from the right sources. Understand the purpose of a logo in your brand. Know what your audience needs and the marketing plans you have for your company. If you have no experience in design, consult with an expert. Achieve a design that resonates with both your brand and audiences.


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