The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) Launch

Amid the rise and proliferation of hate crimes against Asian Americans over the past year, triggered by the false sense of blame levied against Asians for the spread of COVID-19, we are seeing more active organizing around AAPI rights and justice.

One such new organization that just launched is The Asian American Foundation (TAAF). spearheaded by Asian American executives from the tech and investment industries and partnering with numerous established anti-discrimination organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League and Stop AAPI Hate.


From their mission statement:

Even as the fastest growing ethnic group in the country, AAPI communities are severely underfunded. We are consistently denied opportunities for professional advancement. Our most vulnerable are overlooked and violently assaulted daily.

We want to close the vast AAPI economic and influence gap. Our board has made the largest philanthropic commitment in history focused specifically on AAPI communities—and this is just the beginning.

We serve the 23 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who strive to build on the promise of America and create a future that we—and the next generation—deserve. Every single one of us is part of the American story—and The Asian American Foundation is here to stand up for us all.

Check out their website and get involved.

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