The benefits of giclee printing over digital printing

When researching the best way to print your artwork or fine art photographs, you’ve probably seen digital and giclée printing. While terminology can be confusing, it’s important to note the difference between these two wavy different printing styles. In addition, if you’re an artist, designer, photographer or collector, it’s vital to know the quality of the print you order. In this article, we’ll be discussing the difference between giclee and digital printing and why professionals prefer the benefits of giclee printing.

What’s the difference between giclee and digital printing?

If you’re an artist or photographer that’s been looking into printing your work, you’ve probably run into the terms giclee and digital printing. While they may sound similar, they produce very different results. Both digital and giclee printing create reproductions of artworks of photographs, but the similarities end there. Digital printing is a broad term encompassing everything from prints made at home to a professional printing studio. 

Digital printing does not require any standards for image resolution, the quality of paper or ink used. That means that quality can vary greatly depending on all of these factors. When you order a digital print, you never really know what you’re going to get. That also means that the longevity of your print is not guaranteed. While all images may fade in direct sunlight, digital prints may react, fading or changing colour even in normal lighting conditions.  

What is Giclée printing?

On the other hand, giclee prints require stringent specifications and quality standards. Giclee prints use high-resolution images with a minimum of 300 dpi to ensure the sharpest detail in the printed image. Produced with state of the art, professional inkjet printers, they use only the highest-quality pigment-based inks to create the broadest spectrum of colour. 

In addition, giclee prints use acid-free archival paper to create prints with a longevity of +200 years in optimal conditions. That means your fine art prints will last a lifetime without any risk of deteriorating or ageing. All of these specifications make for gorgeous images with true to life colour that will captivate your audience for years to come.  

Benefits of Giclée printing

Giclee fine art prints are a favourite of artists and collectors alike because of the myriad of benefits they present. Giclée prints exhibit a wide gamut of striking colours that will bring your artwork to life using up to 12 shades of pigment-based ink shot with precision accuracy to create a rainbow of sumptuous colours. 

Due to the number and quality of inks used, giclée prints make seamless gradient transitions alongside depth and rich detail. On top of their stunning colour, giclee prints quality will last a lifetime. Using acid and lingin-free paper created archival quality prints with a longevity of 100+ years in normal conditions. This makes them ideal for collectors who want a print that won’t age or fade with time.

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

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