The Best Designer Clothes For 2021

With cheaper prices and trendy clothes available on the high street, shopping with designer brands isn’t something that is for everyone. However, with designer pieces, you are guaranteed much higher quality materials, longevity, a recognisable brand name and you’ll be combatting the fast fashion market. If you are new to designer clothes, we have put together a list of 4 clothes types and brands that you should check out in 2021 to help bolster your wardrobe.

  1. Designer Jeans

Jeans are a style staple in every wardrobe, no matter your gender, and by purchasing a pair of designer jeans, you will be investing in high quality denim and perfect construction. Whether you love blue denim, black denim or unique coated denim, there is a pair in the world that is ideal for you. Some of our favourite brands include Paige, AG Jeans and Frame Jeans, all of which create jeans in a range of cuts, including skinny, high waisted and straight.

  1. Designer Coats

A coat is an essential part of an outfit in autumn and winter, so choosing a designer coat that works year after year is crucial. A good quality coat with the right kind of cut can also help you to appear taller and slimmer, which are things that can be achieved with designer brands. Choose a long coat that is tailored to cinch in slightly at the waist and flow down past the hips to guarantee beautiful silhouettes. We love Harris Wharf London for their signature trench coats with flattering lapels and large button detailing.

  1. Designer Loungewear

2021 is the year of working from home, but that doesn’t mean that your loungewear has to skip out on style. Both comfortable and casual, designer loungewear fuses everything you love about relaxing and unwinding with premium materials. From cashmere to the softest organic cotton, designer loungewear covers all bases to make sure that you can unwind and take things slow, whether it’s for the weekend or being cosy in the home office. Make sure you look at Derek Rose and Vince for soft joggers, pyjama sets and jumpers.

  1. Designer Trousers

For those who are still working in the office, a pair of tailored trousers will go down a storm. Designer trousers offer so much more than high street designs – the fit is so much better, the materials feel incredible and you can power walk with confidence knowing that you have a pair of trousers to last. Whether you like block coloured trousers or you prefer a pinstripe, there are so many designer trousers to choose from, but we particularly love Paige and J Brand. While these brands are typically names in denim, the trousers they produce are of the same quality and beautiful fit as their jeans, so we can guarantee a great pair from them every time.

We hope that this little guide has helped you to see the benefits in buying designer brands and given you some inspiration of where to shop in 2021.

Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash

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