The Best GPS Navigation Apps

Moving to a new place or visiting one can take up a chunk of your day finding your way. Some people generally find navigation a little challenging and depend on GPS entirely. Since there are so many new GPS navigation apps available now, choosing one can be a bit confusing. Different apps have unique features that make them suitable for specific purposes. Some apps work best for daily usage while some are best for exploration on a vacation. 

GPS apps come with a voice assistant that can direct you while you’re driving. They also mark places according to categories like Gas stations, Restaurants, and Shopping malls near you so you can have a look at maps to plan your trips accordingly. This comes in handy if you’re visiting a new place and exploring your whereabouts.

GPS navigation apps are smartphone-friendly and require your location and an internet connection to work. If you have a good mobile network or you use an internet connection that provides Free Wi-Fi hotspots around town, you’re all set to explore. Xfinity Internet offers around 20 million Free Wi-Fi hotspots that allow you to connect on the go. You can learn more about their better accessibility options by contacting Xfinity customer service.

You can also install a navigation app in your car’s infotainment system to use while driving for a hassle-free and mobile-free trip.

Here is a list of our favorite GPS navigation apps that will have you sorted anywhere on Earth!

Google Maps

Goes without saying, that Google Maps is the first navigation app that comes to mind when you are stuck and can’t find your way out. Google Maps works for various types of transport, providing information for each including travel time and, fastest routes. Whether you’re on foot, car, or public transport like a tram, bus, or underground train, Google Maps is your travel companion.

Google Maps can also work without the internet and can detect your surroundings through a camera to provide the most accurate guidance. Google Maps also has a web version. 


Unlike Google Maps which is entirely satellite-dependent, Waze also receives updates on traffic, accidents, construction zones, road closures, and alternate routes from its users. Constant updates make this app provide a more accurate route when you’re in a hurry. Real-time updates also make it quite useful for your everyday routes, saving time by using alternative ways to avoid any issues ahead. Waze also allows users to share current fuel prices.

Using Waze regularly also allows it to learn your daily route and provide tips and updates on its own.

Here WeGo

Here WeGo has a very aesthetic display with 3D townscapes. The neat design makes the app very easy to read and promotes focus. The app is also available for offline use. Here WeGo also provides live free traffic updates, voice directions, and up-to-date speed limits. Here WeGo is available on iOS as well as Android.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a pre-downloaded app on all iPhones which makes it popular amongst iPhone users. Apple Maps covers most navigation app requirements like voice assistance, live updates on traffic, fastest routes and routes to take based on your time and location. Apple Maps also provides updates on which lanes to take when in traffic, weather updates, and a 3D map. You can also get a virtual trip of the route you’re about to take.

Tomtom Go Navigation

Tomtom navigation on top of providing live traffic updates, voice assistance, offline services, and 3D maps, also provides warnings for speed cameras. The app has a built-in map for over 150 countries which makes it well-suited to use on vacations. It also allows you to share your trip updates and destination with your friends. One of the most interesting features of this app is its ‘Drive to a photo’ option. You can upload a photo of a place you want to reach and the app detects and provides navigation for it.


The unique thing about this app is that it is made to accompany you on a road trip. It allows you to discover new places on the go. Roadtrippers has a pre-planned set of trips that you can select from, for example to restaurants, historical places, sightseeing tours, etc. The app also provides turn-by-turn directions. 

Traffic Spotter

Traffic spotters show live up-to-date traffic and road hazard notifications combined with weather updates according to your destination. This app works all around the world and receives crowdsourced updates on road conditions, shorter routes, and accidents. Its weather updates offer a great way to plan your trip and be prepared for extreme weather conditions.

These are some of the best-reviewed GPS navigation apps that will help you plan your journey, explore a new place, or prepare for a city tour with your friends. Can’t decide where to eat, hang out, or shop, navigation apps will provide you with the latest recommendations!


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