The Best Historically Accurate Video Games

Many of today’s video games are largely based on fantasy, imagination and alternate timelines that are very different from actual history. However, several games out there have been able to nail it in terms of historical accuracy. These games are not only fun to play, but they can be very useful educational tools. In this article, we will talk about some of our favourite games that also are historically accurate.

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LA Noire

The great and powerful studio Rockstar games produced and released this detective action game in 2011. The game’s narrative is primarily a work of fiction, but the open-world you play in is a faithful restoration of Los Angeles in 1945-1950. The developers did not try to create this game out of feeling. Instead, they collected hundreds of area-specific photos and map data to recreate the most precise representation of the City of Angels. It is not just the environment that stays true to reality, things such as the cars are absolutely on point, and the game often refers to real-world crimes that did indeed happen.

Brothers in Arms

This is another one of many World War II games. However, unlike many others, the Brothers in Arms developers tried their best to stick to reality instead of making sacrifices for a better narrative flow. Many of the world war II games that you find on the market today are typically more focused on the gameplay and trying to narrate a more captivating story, which often is fictitious.

The Brothers in Arms developers did their best to recreate battlefields faithfully and with specific photographs and with expert help from historians. To assure themselves of what they created, they even visited the present-day locations to make sure they represented what soldiers saw. The developers have nailed the accuracy of buildings down to their landscaping, patterns and even stonework.

Assassins Creed

There are many games in the assassin’s creed series, and sure some of them have a certain historical accuracy, but mostly it was little effort. However, as of late, Ubisoft added a function called Discovery mode to two of its games, Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey.

This has been huge as the mode’s intention was for teachers to utilize it when exploring ancient Egypt and Greece studies. The mode added by Ubisoft allows the players to move between points of interest and get an explanation by a narrator of how certain areas and objects pertain to actual history. This is exciting as we are starting to see bridges form between videogames and education.


There are plenty of fun video games on the market, but most do not stick to the facts, but there are always outliers. These games that we have recommended will not only be fun to play, but they will also provide you with a nice piece of accurate history. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more bridges between video games and traditional education.

Photo by Dimitris Chapsoulas on Unsplash

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