The Best Strong Female Leads on Netflix Right Now

Sometimes you want to sit down and enjoy some unadulterated girl power. Whilst it wasn’t so long ago that passing the Beckdale test was a modern miracle, we’re now thankfully in the age where we can experience a strong female lead just about whenever we want to. Netflix has got a great selection of both series and films at the moment, but these are some of the most brilliant.

Molly’s Game, 2017

Molly Bloom is the organizer of real money poker games, which on the face of it doesn’t seem too scandalous, not until you learn about the prizes on offer. These games are the most exclusive, most high-stakes around, and the FBI has had enough of it. Whilst most of the women on this list could only be seen as straightforward heroes, Molly Bloom is a little different. What she’s doing it can’t be denied is in a grey area legally, but the way she does it earns her straight-up superwoman status. Molly deals with all that is thrown at her with the confidence and courage that most of us can only dream of. If you like your feminist idols with a bit of edge, then this film might be a good one to watch.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, 2020

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom has received rave reviews since its release in 2020 and it’s not surprising. With the incredible Viola Davis taking the part of Ma Rainey, this film was guaranteed to be a success since its inception. The film follows the story of Ma Rainey, an incredible blues singer, who’s having a hard time making it big. She believes that the racism of the time is the major factor in her struggling to be promoted, but everyone in the industry assures her it isn’t. The whole film follows the recording of just one song, but despite this, it portrays so much about the attitudes at the time. If you’re looking for a film that is quietly revolutionary, with a truly stellar cast and an even better soundtrack, then this one to add to your watch list immediately.

Self Made, 2020

If women in business is the kind of girl power that you’re after then you’ve found your dream mini-series in Self Made. Not only is this film based on a true story, but it’s also the sort of story you won’t be able to believe you’ve never heard before. Madame C J Walker is the girl boss in this series, a lady who is struggling with her hair and seeks help from a friend. Her friend treats her with a hair tonic that makes a huge difference, so C J offers to try to sell the tonic to her friends. When she is turned down because she is ‘not the kind of woman’ that her friend wants to sell her tonic to, C J starts her own hair tonic company. The rest we will leave to you to discover for yourself, but be prepared to fall in love with the determination and tenacity of Octavia Spencer in this fantastic role.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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