Did Jordan Roth Give The Best Tony Award Acceptance Ever?

Jordan Roth, producer of Clybourne Park, said these words as he accepted the Tony Award for Best Play on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

“There are those rare people who look at the world and see things the rest of us don’t see until they show us. These are the writers. There are a special few who can take that and turn it back into a world, these are the directors, the designers. There are fearless beings who can live in that world and show us who we are, those are our actors. They are dedicated people who know why that world matters so very much. Crew, theater staff, producers, investors, managers, marketers, and then there are the people who step forward and say, ‘Show me this world. Open, change me!’ These are our audiences. And when all of these people come together and say, ‘Yes,’ there is theater.”
What’s your vote for best Tony Award acceptance speech ever? Did Jordan Roth nail it?
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