The Best Wood Flooring for All Your Interior Design Needs

Wood floorboards have always been a timeless staple of interior design. They instantly make everything look more attractive, bringing an air of class and sophistication to any room. What’s more, they’re durable and versatile. You can use them in your kitchen or living room, in your hallways or dining room, plus they match a variety of aesthetics (from artisanal and bohemian to modernist minimalism). With such a massive selection of wood floorings available, it’s difficult to know which to choose from. There are different advantages to each type, so we’re going to talk you through them. Here are the best wood floorings for your interior design needs:

1) Laminate

Laminate flooring is made of four layers. The first is the backing layer, which supports the structure; the second is the core of high-density fibreboard, a form of engineered wood that consists of resin-bonded wood fibres which are tightly compacted. The third layer is a photographic print to simulate the appearance of authentic wood, while the final layer is an overlay for protection. Laminate is perfect for people who prefer low maintenance flooring because it’s water-resistant, meaning spillages can be easily swept away or mopped up. It’s also incredibly durable in areas of high-foot traffic as it’s reinforced by so many layers. However, some people prefer solid wood flooring over laminate, because they feel the latter doesn’t replicate the appearance of real wood as well as they’d like.

2) Hardwood

If you want something with a completely authentic appearance, then hardwood flooring is perfect for you. You can choose between solid wood or engineered wood flooring, which have similar properties. Solid wood is made entirely from one type of tree (for example, Cascina Pine or Knoxville Oak), whereas engineered wood also has a backing of composite wood which provides further structure and support to the flooring. Both types are beautiful, hard-wearing and have an average lifetime of twenty-five years. They also come in gorgeous styles, such as herringbone parquet. Browse a stunning selection with online wood flooring stores like Wood Floor Warehouse. The only difficulty with hardwood flooring is that its beauty will fade without proper maintenance.

3) Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles (also known as vinyl click floors) also simulate the appearance of wood flooring. However, it’s actually a compound of polyvinyl chloride and, similarly to laminate, consists of several different layers. LVT is the most water-resistant of all these floorings, plus it’s softer and warmer. Vinyl click flooring is also incredibly easy to install as it has a lock system which means the planks simply slot in together. These factors make LVT the most functional of all floorings. The main disadvantage of luxury vinyl tiles is that they don’t contain any real wood, though they are designed to perfectly replicate the real thing and have a luxurious finish.

To conclude: if you want the real thing, then choose hardwood flooring. However, if you want something more hardwearing, then laminate is the one for you. For interior design in areas like the bathroom, LVT is best because it’s completely waterproof.


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