The Blue Viking in Sarajevo

Filmmaker Ado Hasanović’s short film, The Blue Viking, which has been garnering praise at film festivals around the world, follows Emilio, a Latin American street artist who’s been traveling the globe since age 19. During his performances he paints his face blue and he wears a viking helmet. The complex film is deceptively simple, just like Emilio: At first you may find yourself wondering what makes him tick, but by the end you may wish you, too, could embrace his simple and generous philosophy of life.

Watch the full 16-minute short here:

Watch Andjeo Srebrenice (The Angel of Srebrenica), another short film by Ado Hasanović, commemorating July 11, the memorial day of the genocide in Srebrenica, which occurred in 1995 when Bosnian Serb forces overtook the town and systematically killed thousands of Bosnian Muslims.

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