The Cultural Daily Story


Welcome to Cultural Daily

Cultural Daily is a free platform for independent voices, often overlooked and suppressed. This is participatory civic media with new and necessary perspectives shared every day.

Where We Began

We began as Cultural Weekly in 2011 as a place to talk about our creative culture with passion, perspective and analysis–and more words than “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” Our mission was, and continues to be, to draw attention to our cultural environment, illuminate it, and make it better through rich conversations. We look at culture through the different lenses of individual histories, media, money, politics, technology and entertainment, always with prime focus on creativity in action.

From the start, we believed in the primacy of creative expression and support for artists’ freedoms and artists’ rights. But we continue to believe that such freedoms and rights can not come by silencing, oppressing, and marginalizing the voices that have always taken the brunt of such exclusion.

Where We Are Now

A platform’s purpose can’t be to serve itself. A platform that strives to showcase unique voices needs to showcase those unique voices.

In June, 2021, we became Cultural Daily to do everything we can to make each one of the people we publish on our site read, heard, followed.

As a daily publication, we seek to shine the spotlight with more focus on the writers and artists we feature each day, instead of creating a weekly publication that, as good as it has been, allows more opportunities for certain articles to get lost between the cracks.

Where We Will Go

Cultural Daily promises to search for perspectives that move beyond the safety of our own borders, give space to international voices and cultures, and continue to stand up for and fight for all the communities that have been pushed to the sideline for way too long.

Join us as we keep pushing our own limitations to publish content that betters the world all around us.

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