The Cultural Impact of a Photo is Bigger Now, Thanks to Social Media

Photography has been an important part of society and culture for some time. Sometimes, folks overlook the importance of photography, but the truth is its power on society has grown in the last few years, thanks to social media.

Figuring out how social media is aiding photography is a bigger question that has many potential answers.

Some say that photography’s ability to capture the hearts and minds of people has gotten harder, but that’s not the case. A lot of folks can take pictures with their phones, but a good photographer can do much more with the tool. People can tell the difference between a good picture and a bad one.

Of course, social media has made it harder for photographs to get attention because there are many pictures out there, but that hasn’t stopped some photographs from making history and propelling change.

There are historic photographs of protests that took place around the world. People were fighting for equality for women and minorities. Some could argue that these images had a strong impact on society because of social media. With these platforms, folks have been able to experience the images all over the world, from the Americas to Australia.

On top of being able to impact the world, photography can have an immediate effect on today’s culture because people can share images instantly.

The art of photography can’t do much to change the world. It’s the impact photos have on the culture that leads to change. Lawmakers can’t ignore collective voices, which causes such an impact, yet it all starts with a picture.

This is not to say that social media hasn’t created challenges. A blossoming photographer is going to have obstacles to deal with even after taking photography classes. The photographer still has to practice for a long time and be at the right place at the right time. Being in the right place at the right time isn’t easy, but this is what a photographer strives to do.

Social media creates a new obstacle, and that’s competition. Photographers have to learn about social media marketing if they want to stand out online. Some folks learn this on their own, but it’s best to take a class to get it right with each picture. Some photographers just outsource this kind of work to experts, and that’s an option for those who can afford it.

Getting the hashtags right is a key to ensure that a photographer’s pictures are seen by enough folks. Of course, social media is not the only path for photographers, but it’s definitely one of the most popular nowadays. If it’s done right, then it can be spectacular.

One might say photography is more popular today than ever before. While some stills can stir nations, other pictures help preserve a family’s memories. This is a form of cultural preservation, and people are hungry for that as well.

A photographer in Australia proved this by traveling throughout rural Australia without a single cent to her name. She asked folks to offer her accommodations and food for her work. Yes, the photographer offered her services in exchange for what she needed during her travels. She was able to complete her adventure without money because people want photographers. These folks probably chose some of their favorite pictures and shared them on social media.

The need to share pictures encourages folks to hire a photographer. This is all thanks to social media and the culture within it. Photographers who are afraid of this new world should pay attention to that. People are still interested in this art form because they can post pictures online.

It’s safe to say that photography and social media platforms are changing each other and amplifying each other. It’s something worth paying attention to because it hasn’t stopped evolving.

Photo by Josh Power on Unsplash

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