The Dangers of Drug Addiction

At times, drugs can be prescribed by doctors as medication to cure certain types of diseases. While this is beneficial in terms of alleviating painful symptoms, some individuals develop a dependency on drugs and may become addicted.

People begin taking drugs for a variety of reasons. It can be due to peer pressure when a group of friends indulge in drugs, as a coping mechanism for personal problems, or even out of curiosity. According to research, many people suffering from mental health issues tend to become involved with drugs. While this may seem like an easy solution for their problems, drugs have numerous side effects.

  • Drugs and the Brain

When drugs are consumed in large quantities, or over a long duration of time, they begin to have an adverse effect on the brain’s ability to function. Drugs can lead to an increase in blood flow, a disruption in the brain’s communication with other organs, and can also cause nausea and dizziness. The brain eventually becomes increasingly dependent on drugs, which can in turn negatively influence a person’s ability to make decisions.

  • Effect on Physical Wellbeing

Most people addicted to drugs also experience physical changes. They may feel lethargic and experience symptoms such as excessive drowsiness. This is because ingesting drugs adversely affects the person’s appetite and food intake. Drugs can cause nausea and vomiting, which leads to addicts avoiding food altogether. This leads to weight loss as well as an inability to perform simple tasks. When the body is unable to receive proper nutrients, the immune system also weakens, and the person may suffer from avoidable illnesses.

  • Pregnancy and Drugs

While many people are aware of postpartum depression, a great majority of individuals do not realize that women undergo depression and severe anxiety during pregnancy as well. While some women may use drugs prior to being pregnant and continue their use during pregnancy as well, others may find themselves turning to drugs to cope with their emotions. Non-prescribed drugs taken during pregnancy can not only negatively affect the mother, but also the baby which she is carrying. In severe cases, a miscarriage may also occur. If the baby does survive, it may suffer from problems such as low birth weight, behavioral problems, underdeveloped organs, or even addiction.

Thus, the next time someone decides to try drugs, you can convey the side effects of doing so. Drugs, if taken without a doctor’s approval, can have extremely harmful effects. If you or someone you know suffers from addiction, do not worry. There are several ways you can get the help required. One way is through addiction counseling or therapy. Learning about what is a therapist will help you understand whether this is the right step for you to take or not.

Image by Emilian Danaila from Pixabay 

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