The Evolution Of Bingo In The Modern Age And Its Potential For The Future

Bingo has evolved and adapted to modern sensibilities through its online offerings and its surprising modern re-interpretations elsewhere. It continues to grow in popularity and there are also signs of how it may continue to evolve in the future. We take a look at how the game has re-shaped itself for a contemporary audience and how it seeks to continue this transformation.

Unconventional formats

Bingo has found popularity among an audience more in the early-to-mid twenties through its use in a range of non-traditional formats. Bongo’s Bingo, for example, is a nightclub event which involves creating a rowdy, party atmosphere with a myriad of bizarre prizes to be won. These prizes include wacky waving inflatables, a Mr Blobby costume and even a mobility scooter. Bingo has been able to appeal to this new audience, whilst retaining its traditional numbers calling format, because its flexibility has allowed it to adapt to a faster-paced, more raucous Millennial-oriented atmosphere.

Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1 is also hugely popular and involves celebrities holding in a mouthful of water and trying not to laugh when an accidental innuendo is played to them. It has featured huge stars like Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence and, whilst it is not bingo in its most conventional format, it is still certainly flying the flag for the game.

Indeed, it has inspired a number of people to create their own amateur bingo cards to relate to their own interests and passions. Football fans, for example, might use cliche bingo cards related to their sport which would involve ticking a box each time a phrase like ‘give it 110%’ or ‘top drawer’ is used. Bingo is, therefore, able to complement other people’s interests, whatever they might be, and create a new way for people to engage with their passions.

Online bingo

Online bingo has also helped to revolutionize the game as they can create new in-game environments based on pop culture favorites to entice people. For instance, at Betfair you will find a range of online bingo games, including ‘Grease’, which draws inspiration from the classic John Travolta musical. It also offers popular television-themed bingo games like ‘Deal or No Deal Bingo’ which helps to draw in new audiences with colorful, vibrant games which use diverse environments to create a more immersive experience.

Virtual reality

Its future could be defined by technological developments like virtual reality which could enable online bingo to create even greater immersion. It could enable users to have the sociable experience of going to a bingo hall amongst friends without having to leave the comfort of home. Online bingo already places a huge emphasis on the social and community element of the game because it has always been fundamental to the appeal of bingo: Virtual Reality could help it to take the next step in total and complete immersion.

Bingo has shown itself to be an incredibly tenacious game which is clearly at least partly down to its adaptability. It is able to complement people’s passions as well as providing a great deal of fun in and of itself. The willingness of the industry to embrace developing technologies and the potential of the online space has allowed it to prosper in the modern age and it is evident that bingo is going to continue to evolve and grow into the future.


Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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