The five best practices to grow your Instagram page

What do you do when you meet someone new or find out about an exciting brand? You ask for their Instagram account. It’s one of the premier ways of communicating with large swathes of people. More and more brands realize that, and they invest heavily on their Instagram presence. Since it’s a versatile app, and it is visually-based, which is the most engaging content, it offers a range of different types of posts—simple Story posts that disappear after 24 hours; photos, and video postings linked to IGTV. With proper handling, Instagram can grow your brand’s popularity massively. So, let’s get into the tips and tricks all the big shots use.

Actively engage

It’s all about visual content, which your target audience can understand and actively engage with. You must engage with your followers in the comments and don’t be afraid to reply. Question their criticism. Ask for their feedback. Your customers will appreciate the fast response and the fact that you are actually listening to them. More than this, there are services similar to Growthoid available, which will engage with users for you, so you can focus on content. Don’t be afraid of posting polls to gather more information on their opinions. As you actively engage with them, your brand becomes more visible to their followers on the ‘Explore’ page, which results in more traffic for you.

Choose an aesthetic

When new potential followers visit your page, they are looking for something beautiful to look at; words and texts are secondary. It would be best if you captured their attention and interest with an aesthetically pleasing profile, which has a consistent tone that matches your niche. Niches are the basic definition of your brand profile. They depend on the specialty of your brand. Marketing, food, photography, content creator, it is up to you to choose something your brand identifies most with.

Use hashtags

Usage of hashtags has become commonplace ever since all the social media platforms adopted the practice from Twitter. And they work pretty much the same way all across the different platforms. They pool all the posts using the same hashtag in the same category so that users can search for similar content. Using several good hashtags can expand the visibility of your posts by a massive margin, and is great for more Instagram followers. But be mindful of which ones you use. Don’t be spammy; there is no point in putting dozens of hashtags under your posts.  Also, as with everything, be consistent. Use the ones relevant to your posts; the last thing your followers want is to be served something entirely off base. It’s a stupid risk that might alienate your follower base. And a handy trick to avoid looking spammy: group your hashtags in the comments of the posts, not on the post itself. They will still serve the same purpose, but they will get lost among the other comments as your community engages with the post.

Post often

Your community wants to engage with you, and it is imperative you give them content. Not necessary every day(if your brand is small, you might not have enough content), but at least 3-4 times a week. Build a posting schedule by analyzing your posts and seeing when your community is the most active. Combining the time of the day when your followers are the most active with new, fresh and relevant content will land you in that sweet spot of the constant influx of new followers who want to engage with you.

Post relevant content

And as mentioned, post content that is relevant to your brand and worldwide trends is imperative. Remember, the followers are just a click away from the button follow/unfollow. You can use Instagram analytics to see which posts get the most engagement and what kind of engagement. Use that to formulate your future posts. Keep them engaged, keep them entertained. Experiment with the different types of filters, post short story videos about your brand’s personal and human side. Use your posts to interact with similar brands and influencers who are interested in your brand. They might land you a huge new following while keeping the old ones safe and happy.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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