The Greatest Tomato Sauce on Earth

If you love Italian food as much as we do, you know the name Marcella Hazan, whose cookbooks brought Italian food to American palates. Her famous tomato sauce, made with sweet onion and a touch of butter, is simple genius, and, simply, the best tomato sauce in the world.

Now her son, Guiliano Hazan, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring his mother’s famous sauce to market, and follow it with other pasta sauces that came from her kitchen. They need to raise $48,500 by April 25, 2015 in order to have everything ready to introduce the sauce at New York’s Fancy Food Show in June.

Visit his Kickstarter page and make a contribution. We’ll virtually guarantee it will make you hungry.

Marcella Hazan
Marcella Hazan

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