The Indomitable Pancho Barnes

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Want to know about an outrageous woman who broke all the rules, a gal with a sense of humor and a sense of self? Take a break with Pancho Barnes, a fearless woman who:

  • escaped kidnappers by riding a horse across Mexico dressed as a man—
  • repeatedly said ‘No!” to authority, standing up for herself and others—
  • beat Amelia Earhart’s speed record— and much more.

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My favorite quote from this interview:

“If you want to ask for a raise, Pancho Barnes is your spirit animal.”

Check out this week’s video with writer/musician April Wolfe talking about a bold adventuress who’ll capture your imagination and make you feel like kicking out the jams.

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April Wolfe on the Indomitable Pancho Barnes.

This one will make you smile. Pass it on.

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