The Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Try In Your Home

A bathroom remodel is the best way to make your bathroom bigger, more luxurious, and improve the value of your home. In fact, small cosmetic changes alone will provide you with a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1 you spend, Zillow reports. Homeowners are increasingly implementing bathroom remodels that improve the size, convenience, value, and overall experience of their bathrooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

Indoor/outdoor master bathrooms have become a popular remodeling trend in hot and sunny climates. These luxurious and relaxing bathrooms bring the outdoors in and create a peaceful oasis complete with the views, sounds, and smells of nature. Creating an indoor/outdoor bathroom can be as simple as installing an outdoor freestanding tub or shower on the deck or in the garden, Mangum Builders explains. Changes can be made in line with your needs and budget. Alternatively, sliding doors and glass walls can be installed to provide natural light and calming views of the outdoors. Fences, tall grass, trees, shrubs, and plants can provide privacy if necessary. Indoor/outdoor bathrooms are a great way to create a spa in your own home and maximize the space you have, as well as increase the financial value of your property.

Smart Bathrooms

Upgrading your bathroom with smart technology is a modern way to improve the bathroom experience. For example, smart showers can be installed to give convenience and relaxation an extra boost. With a corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet, you can set the temperature of the water along with the time you want it to start. So, when you get home from work, for example, your shower will be hot and ready to go. Smart bathrooms can also feature in-built bluetooth speaker systems.

Now, you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks while you relax in the bath or shower. Additionally, smart mirrors, smart TVs, and voice activated lighting and temperature controls are some other exciting and popular features transforming bathrooms. But, with ever-evolving smart technology, the possibilities are truly endless.

Big Tubs And Open Showers

Homeowners looking for more space to relax and unwind in the bathroom can achieve this easily with big bathtubs and open showers. In particular, large freestanding and Jacuzzi-style tubs offer a luxurious and spa-like experience. Similarly, Japanese soaking tubs feature a bench seat for improved comfort. Additionally, open showers can help create a bigger and brighter feeling bathroom while also providing you with increased space and convenience. With this design, you no longer have to worry about slips and falls when climbing out of the tub. Although this may not be a good fit for people who prioritize privacy, many people like having the open room and extra space to shower.

Modern bathroom remodels are improving value, space, convenience, and relaxation. As such, indoor/outdoor bathrooms, smart technology, and big tubs and open showers are some of the latest remodeling trends homeowners are opting for.


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