The Most Popular Casino-Themed Magazines

Gambling or casino games are relatively common hobby on a global scale. Meaning there are lots of enthusiasts, who don’t just play casually. They perform an in-depth analysis of the available games and are ready to curch the numbers in order to improve their odds. They also love to read about different perspectives and where to find certain games at online gambling sites in Australia. Promotions, VIP programs, available games, and even withdrawal fees are all important in the eyes of professional gamblers.

One of the best sources for relevant information is casino-themed magazines. They don’t focus on the introductory stuff, but rather go straight to the point. When you know the competence level of your readers, it’s easier to communicate without wasting their time. Still finding the right operator is important, and online casinos Australia at list all of the best options  But if you want to get a more insightful strategy guide or simply learn about upcoming industry trends, then make sure to pick up a casino magazine. Here we will go over some of the best magazines for casino enthusiasts.

Casino Life & Business Magazine

If you want to keep up with the latest news and developments in the gambling industry then this is the perfect magazine for you. It is a Romanian site that is aimed at all casino enthusiasts all over the world.

You can learn about the upcoming championships or tournaments, as well as new developments that will shake up the industry. As you all know payment systems are a big part of casino gaming, and popular payment methods have evolved significantly over the years. Right now crypto casinos seem like a great way to make online gamlbing universally accessible. Casino Life & Business Magazine really loves to explore these crypto platforms and talk about their future.


One of the oldest magazines on the market is CasinoPlayr. It’s over twenty years old, and it’s the number one go-to option for readers from the US. Readers get insight into the latest changes or updates in big entertainment resorts, and they get recommendations for the best games to try. One of the new trends in the iGaming industry is in-house live dealer content. So, if you want to find more unique and exclusive live dealer games, pick up a copy of CasinoPlayer.


This is a sister publication of CasinoPlayer, and much like its name suggests it predominantly focuses on slots. After all, these are the most played games in both land-based and online casinos, and a big portion of the community is only interested in slots-related updates. Over the past 10 years, we have seen significant innovation in online slots:

  • Cascading reels
  • Clusters
  • Mega Clusters
  • Hot Drop Jackpots
  • Megaways (high number of paylines)

Who knows what new features await us in the future. So, anyone who wants to read about upcoming new features in slots should browse StrictlySlots.

Card Player

A big portion of casino enthusiasts are card players. More importantly, professional gamblers almost exclusively play poker. There are also lots of online courses for blackjack, and mastering the art of card counting. In other words, card games are an integral part of the casino ecosystem, and Card Player Magazine is an ideal pick for poker fans. If you play professionally and want to stay up to date with upcoming tournaments, Card Player has you covered.

You can also read a lot of interviews with celebrity players, find useful tools that help in calculating odds, and even learn new poker tips. You can see that the writers themselves are big fans of poker, who want to share their enthusiasm.

Casino Style Magazine

This hobby isn’t all about gaming, it’s also about a unique lifestyle. Many people play exclusively online, which is a great experience all things considered. However, going to a land-based entertainment complex is entirely different. Many resorts are praised for their interior design, and for engaging all of the guests’ senses. In Casino Style, you get to read about all of the non-gaming aspects of gambling. Architecture, design trends, and state-of-the-art interiors.

Casino Life

If you ever thought about starting your own online gambling business, you will find this magazine very useful. It’s a B2B publication that talks about the latest conferences, industry trends, and upcoming new products. This is an incredibly competitive market, and starting from scratch can be very difficult. So, you will need all help you can get, in order to stay ahead of the competition.


These are some of the best gambling-related magazines that are praised all over the world. Of course, if you love this hobby, and are looking for additional engaging content, you should also consider some casino-related podcasts. This can run in your background as you are working or doing house chores. Also, they will likely discuss some of the latest magazine issues that were mentioned here.

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