The Perfect Bali Itinerary for 6 Nights & 7 Days with Next Holidays

Hey Travellers!! Have you heard about the beauty of Bali? And is it on your wishlist of traveling but not completing it? Yes, great then. Now, no more procrastination. 

Embark your Bali Travel Itinerary 2024 with the Next Holidays, from sunrises over Mount Batur to just roaming while the sun is setting along Uluwatu cliffs. Next Holidays is here to provide the perfect blend of culture, relaxation, as well as adventure. 

So, people, let’s dive into vibrant markets, tranquil temples, and pristine beaches. We will guide you through Bali’s enchanting tapestry of experiences. 

The starting Bali packages from Dubai at the best prices are AED 2055.00. It will be a 6-night and 7-day package in Bali. All the required transports are included in it. Also, hotel stays are included for all the cities, and the prices of activities are non-refundable. 

Getting To Bali 

There are several options to get there in Bali. We will recommend signing up for the deals sites as well as newsletters to get the cheapest flights according to their availability. Bali Island is not huge but there are a lot of things to do in Bali, various locations to visit, and ways to reach there. Being a courageous traveler, you can just rent a car, but if you prefer more relaxation in your journey, then hiring a car driver is the perfect option for you to enjoy your journey and destinations more. This will make your trip as easy as the drivers are familiar with the roads and traffic and will take you to your destination with the best route possible. If you are opting for a taxi, then Blue Bird Taxi is the best option as it is most highly recommended as it charge by the meter. 

Itinerary for your Bali Trip 

Are you stressed that the price of the packages can hurt your pockets? Then you don’t have to worry because here we will provide you with a Book Dubai to Bali Holiday Package at the Best Price. This will make your journey pocket-friendly. 

DAY 1 – Arrival- Denpasar, Bali

On this day, you will meet and greet with the tour guide. And will get a welcome with a garland made of flowers. Later, you can check in Ubud Villa, which includes One Bedroom with a Private Pool) 

DAY  2- Breakfast at Villa

On the second day of the Bali Travel Itinerary 2024, you will be watching Barong Dance Performance. After the exciting performance, you will visit Ubud Palace and also Ubud Market to get your hands on shopping. 

And after shopping, you must be tired and hungry, right? So to relax a bit you can have a delicious lunch at Crispy Duckat Taman Dedari Restaurant. 

After having lunch, you will visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace at Alas Harum. And after the whole busy day of visiting places and shopping, you can have dinner at Tlaga Singha Restaurant. 

Then come back to the villa to rest. 

DAY 3- Visit Tampak Siring (Tirta Empul Temple)

So, on the third beautiful day, you can visit Kintamani for sightseeing. Then, you will be visiting to Ritatkala Café Kintamani for lunch, which is optional for you. 

After trying the taste of several delicacies at lunch, you will visit to see the Desa Penglipuran in the village of Penglipuran. It is one of the most famous tourist villages in Bali. By the end of the day, you can have dinner at Bale Udang Mang Engking, Ubud

DAY 4- Breakfast at Villa- Check out for exchange Villa 

Start the day with breakfast at the villa. Then, head up to start your journey in the different watersports, which include several activities such as a banana boat, jet skiing, and parasailing. Then,  enjoy a lunch of delicious Indonesian food at Rasa Nusantara Restaurant. After this tasty lunch, you will head up to visit Uluwatu Temple to receive the blessings of God. 

Later, while coming back from the temple, you will have dinner of BBQ seafood at Jimbaran Beach. We are sure you will like the food of this restaurant. Then, check-in at Hotel Kuta or Seminyak. 

DAY 5- Breakfast At Hotel 

Food is definitely essential for our body, right? So start your journey with a healthy breakfast at the hotel and then head up to visit Handara Gate Bali. Here, you can also take beautiful and aesthetic pictures to fill your feed with good stuff. Then visit Ulundanu Temple to catch its alluring features. For lunch, you can have Timbungan Duck at Secret Garden Village. 

Do you love chocolates? If yes, then you will surely love to visit the factory full of chocolates. So, visit the chocolate factory at Junglegold Bali Chocolate, which will show you the tempting chocolates and their process. Then, visit Tanah Lot Temple and come back to the villa after having dinner at De Jukung Restaurant. 

DAY 6- Breakfast at Hotel 

So, we hope your journey till now has been interesting. Start your day with a healthy and yummy breakfast. Now, the sixth day of the Bali Travel Itinerary, 2024 is for you guys only, where you will feel free and easy without any tour or transport. 

You can shop, eat food, try new desserts and bakeries, play games at malls, or, in other words, do whatever you love to do. The day is yours!! 

DAY 7- Breakfast at Villa- Preparing to check out 

On the seventh day, have your breakfast at the villa and prepare to check out. Then you will be proceeding towards the airport. So, this was your 7 days of Bali journey. 

Pack your Bags for the Exciting Journey to Bali!!

DON’T WAIT!! Experience the beauty and elegance of Bali. Plan your next international vacation or staycation in Bali. This trip surely going to add lots of memories and nostalgia to your life, as it definitely has something special. 

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