The Power of the Blank Page

“This is the beginning of the end of time… erase the slate for a moment and look at the world with fresh eyes.” So begins Rinde Eckert’s TEDx Talk, which is a must-view for creative people. Drawn from a moment in his life that was a low-point, Rinde descibes how a book of blank pages transformed his craft as an artist. Rinde, himself, is an exceptional artist whose work combines music, writing, performance, and acting, and he has faced the blank page many times. We think you’ll find this video inspiring.
– Cultural Weekly

[embedvideo id=”vPfOa1uOTPQ” website=”youtube”]
Top image from ‘Five Beasts’ by Rinde Eckert in collaboration with Ned Rothenberg, Adam Matta and Mark DeChiazza, from its premiere performance at Les Subsistances in Lyon France, March 2015. Film by Mark DeChiazza.

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