The Role of a Car Accident Lawyer in An Auto Accident

The aftermath of a car accident is really stressful for the victim. However, one can minimize their hardships by hiring a car accident lawyer to ensure they receive fair compensation.

There is no denying that car accidents take a huge physical and mental toll on those involved. However, there is a financial angle to car accidents as well. If the victim has been severely injured, they also have to deal with loss of wages and huge medical bills. In this circumstance, the role of a car accident lawyer is very crucial. If you are a resident of Tacoma, you know that incidents of fatal car accidents are rising at an alarming rate. However, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Tacoma will help you safeguard your rights and protect you from the financial hardship caused by car accidents. The following article talks about the role of car accident lawyers and how they help maximize the victim’s compensation:

How Does a Car Accident Claim Work?

Car accidents may cause a loss of mobility, job, and source of income and devastate the life of the individual. However, one can claim monetary compensation in such circumstances to assist them in getting their life back on track. Car accidents fall under personal injury, and if the other driver is completely at fault, the victim can claim the following compensations:

  1. Medical expense
  2. Loss of wage
  3. Vehicle damage
  4. Loss of mobility
  5. Pain and suffering
  6. Mental anguish and much more

If you have suffered one or all of the above-mentioned losses, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is liable to pay monetary compensation. However, here, you need to remember that there is a statute of limitation of two years in the US. So, ensure that you are filing for the claim before your right expires.

The Role of an Experienced Lawyer

The expertise of an experienced auto accident lawyer is crucial if you or someone you know has faced an auto accident. The following are the ways in which they help build a strong case.

  1. They investigate your claim:

A thorough investigation is essential to build a strong case. When you hire an experienced motor vehicle lawyer, you can rest assured that they will investigate your case without leaving any loopholes. Lawyers are experienced in collecting and analyzing evidence, police statements, and medical reports to ensure that every detail is scrutinized and no stone is left unturned.

  1. They negotiate with the insurance company:

Negotiation with the insurance company is one of the most complicated processes the victim must go through after a car accident. However, an auto accident lawyer helps negotiate with the company and the insurance adjuster to ensure that you are fairly compensated. There have been numerous instances where the insurance company has coerced the victim into accepting less monetary compensation than what they deserve. Moreover, in many circumstances, they manipulate the case to show that the victim was also at fault. Fortunately, with a lawyer by your side, you can ensure that no insurance company takes advantage of your inexperience and that you are paid fair monetary compensation.

  1. They assist in establishing accountability:

If both parties involved in the car accident fail to reach a common ground, the case proceeds to a trial. In this situation, the knowledge and expertise of an auto accident lawyer are very useful. It is imperative to hire a lawyer because litigation is a lengthy process, and tables can turn against the victim if they don’t have enough knowledge and experience. Your lawyer, with experience and wisdom, will build a strong case in your favor and ensure you are compensated for your loss.

How to File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

The filing process for a car accident lawsuit is similar to filing a personal injury lawsuit. The following are the steps involved in filing for the case:

  1. File the complaint:

The first step is to file a complaint in court, which will include a detailed report about the allegations. The complaint also describes the type and amount of compensation you are seeking. Once you have filed the complaint, a court summon is sent to the defendant, and they need to reply within a certain time.

  1. Defendant’s answer:

After the complaint has been filed, the defendant is expected to answer the summon within the time given. Here, they can either deny all the allegations or agree with some of them.

  1. Discovery process:

During this time, both the defendant and plaintiff will request documents, reports, and witnesses to discover new details about the case. It is also the time when both can agree to a settlement that will dissolve the case. As mentioned earlier, the case goes to trial if a settlement is not reached during this time.

Being Aware About your Rights

A majority of auto accident cases settle outside the court if the injuries are not very severe. However, even if you are opting for settlement instead of getting involved in a trial, it is essential that you hire an auto accident lawyer who has experience in similar cases. Availing their services will ensure your rights are protected and you are fairly compensated for your loss. Remember that the insurance company will always coerce you to settle for compensation that is less than what you deserve. But having the right support ensures you are protected against all the wrongdoings.


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